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Marriage/Family Consults


-My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 1/2 years. We were referred to Dr. Louis for couples counseling and man are we glad we did it! He’s amazing! He made us both feel so comfortable and it was as if we had known him for 20yrs. We would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! 
All the thanks in the world! 

-We had the best experience with pastor Louis. Me and my girlfriend were at the stage where it was move forward towards marriage or call it quits. We’ve had issues in our past and communication issues did not know how to overcome them. After our sessions with Pastor Louis he dove deep with us. He help us with precision focus on the topics that we thought were the biggest issues. He dissected each issue trying to find the root causes and came back with effective countermeasures. He gave us tasks and things to implement to teach us how to have healthy communication to teach us how to push each others love buttons and to show us a successful route towards marriage if we wanted it. Nothing was ever sugarcoated nor too harsh it was easy we felt extremely comfortable to be completely transparent because we know if we want our marriage to be successful we need to air our dirty laundry and I’ll tell you what Pastor Louis was amazing with us I would completely recommend without a shadow of a doubt that he can help your situation to!!!